Zachary, LA

Lawn Care in Zachary, LA

The quaint, historic town of Zachary is one of the best-kept secrets of East Baton Rouge. With beautiful golf courses, community parks, and a beloved farmer’s market, Zachary has everything you need to live your American dream. At TruGreen Midsouth, our team has been providing the residents of this quiet community with quality lawn care services for over 40 years. If you are ready to put the hard work of lawn care behind you, then take a look at the services we offer. 

Lawn Fertilization in Zachary

Lawn care is a science that requires experience and an understanding of what nutrients are in your soil and what it is lacking. At TruGreen MidSouth, our customizable 8-step lawn fertilization program includes an inspection of your yard and proper lawn fertilization to keep your grass healthy, strong, and able to fight off weeds.

Weed Control in Zachary

Does your yard have a weed problem? We also offer weed control to eliminate common weeds so your grass can fill in and thicken up. Our program utilizes pre- and post-emergent herbicides to kill existing weeds and prevent future weeds from taking root.

Common weeds in Zachary:

  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Dollar weed
  • Henbit
  • Nutsedge
  • Spotted Spurge
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Lawn Aeration in Zachary

Living in Zachary makes you want to be outdoors as much as possible to enjoy our long summers. During most of the year, our backyards become extensions of our homes, so it only makes sense that we take care of it like we would any other room in the house. Backyards are the perfect venue for celebrating weddings, graduations, and holidays. Unfortunately, the soil in our yard becomes compacted over time from frequent use and thatch buildup.

Signs of soil compaction include:

  • Thatch Buildup: Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter that accumulates on top of your lawn. Aeration helps to break up thatch. Thatch can prevent water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s root system.
  • Heavy Foot Traffic Areas: If you use your lawn frequently, it can naturally lead to soil compaction. 
  • Puddles on Your Lawn: Compact soil will cause water to run off and pool in low-lying areas of your yard.
  • Thinning Grass: When grass can’t access water, air, and nutrients from the ground, it will cause your grass to wither and thin, allowing weeds to take over. 

We recommend lawn aeration when your lawn shows signs of soil compaction. Lawn aeration works by pulling tiny plugs of soil from your yard to allow water and nutrients to flow back to your plants’ roots. Our professional lawn aeration services can relieve the stresses caused by compacted soil and get your yard and the path to success. 

Pest Control in Zachary

Pests are everywhere, even in a picture-perfect community like Zachary’s. Pests are not just annoying – they can damage your lawn and expose you to dangerous diseasesAt TruGreen, we don’t put up with pests. That’s why we offer the most effective pest control services in Zachary that help eliminates pests such as:

  • Beetles
  • Spiders
  • Fire ants
  • Mites
  • Grubs
  • Fleas & Ticks
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Once you have signed up for our pest control program, we will send out one of our trained technicians to carefully evaluate your property. After the evaluation, we will create a customized treatment plan to treat problem areas on your property. 

Mosquito Control in Zachary

Mosquitoes are relentless in Louisiana, and Zachary is no exception. Unfortunately, mosquitoes thrive in our hot and humid environment, making our risk of exposure to mosquito-borne diseases that much greater. At TruGreen MidSouth, we offer Zachary residents a customizable monthly mosquito control program designed to significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes you encounter on your property. 

The Best Lawn Care in Zachary

Are you tired of shouldering the burden of lawn care on your own? Call the friendly staff at TruGreen Midsouth at 225-465-0665 or leave us a message on our contact page.